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:new: Funny that peps asked me to open more slots and nearly a week later, no update.  Uh... okay?

N-ways, I'll be closing slots tomorrow if I don't get another commission since I wanted to open them to those who had asked, but no answer.  I hope to finish the first three commissions next week!

Click this link here for more information regarding my commissions: Commission Rules and Prices

These are Paypal commissions ONLY. Feel free to send in a note or comment. Thank you!


1.) :icongregster101:


3.) :iconleagueofdevack:




Seeking Trainer + Pokemon Cameos!

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 9, 2017, 10:23 PM
:new: As much as I hate to say, majority of you peps DIDN'T read the rules.  I will go ahead and reply to each comment once, but that is all.

1.) Most of you didn't provide a reference pic of your Pokémon companion.  Again, I don't take written descriptions.  Simply saying a Bidoof won't work, you MUST provide a picture.  I am not gonna take the time to look them up.

2.) FULL-BODIED and nothing obscuring it.  Just show it on one pic and make sure nothing is covered.

3.) Most of you didn't read the entire rules.

First off, it's a no-brainer on what one of my upcoming comics is gonna be about, heh.

But yes, I am seeking a trainer and Pokemon cameos to add to my future big comic! The full writing process has been complete with some bumps to take care of along the way, but I will begin an actual process on my new project! Took a ton of studying Pokemons to finally get a grip of what I want.

Please read all the rules or your request will be ignored!

General Rules

  • Comment on this journal with references! Personality info and such will be ignored.  I will not accept notes and such, only comments in this journal.
  • References must be full-bodied and colored pictures.  I will not go through any written descriptions.
  • You must be a watcher of mine.
  • This is not a first come, first serve basis.
  • Some trainers will be used during battles and potentially lose, so keep this in mind please.
  • All trainer and Pokemon requests will have no connection to the main story.  They're mainly for background details so that we don't have to see grass and sky all the time.
  • If you commission me your trainer and your Pokemon, you will have a guaranteed chance to get your cameo in.
  • If you've managed to get a Splatoon OC cameo, that will not count towards this comic.  Everyone will get a fair chance now!
  • If you miss even ONE of these rules, I will not inform you.  It is up to you, not me, to ensure everything is in place.

Rules for Pokemon Trainer

  • Trainer OCs must be human of course! No anthros, mixes, etc.
  • One trainer per person ONLY.
  • Trainers can range from breeders, police, etc.

Rules for Pokemon Companion

  • One Pokemon per trainer.
  • NO LEGENDARIES.  Let's be real, guys.
  • Pokemon must not have any additional, complicated designs and must retain their true appearance.  Very minimal changes like accessories or tattoos are alright.
  • No shinies; colors must be canon.
  • Any Pokemon from sixth gen and before are ONLY allowed.  Sorry, no Alolan Pokemon or forms for this comic.  I wish to stay true to the concept of my story.

If you have read all these rules, prove it by saying: Rose Army! Humor aside, it shows you've read through all of this.  I will answer any questions other than if whether or not you got in.  Thanks for reading and I look forward to the comments!

Time to move on comics

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 8:46 PM
As a reminder, I'll be extremely busy for the next two-three weeks due to finals and college.  Commissions and artworks are drastically slowed down this month, so I apologize for delays.

N-ways, let's get to the topic at hand.  It's been on my mind that I truly haven't been having fun with my current comics.  I am currently working on three of them: Smash in the Family, Rainshine, and Icarus: Enpyrean Wings.

I will be discontinuing both SitF and Rainshine in favor of two other big comics I have been writing on.

It's quite a big decision, but I ultimately decided to go this route.

SitF turned me off a lot due to the sheer amount of characters and it didn't feel strong in terms of character development.  As a result, it was not fun for me to do.

Rainshine was a disaster to write.  I ended up digging deeper in a hole and focused so much that it ended up getting jumbled up.  Maybe in the future I'll go back and redo the story.

Another reason why was that my art... isn't ideal in my eyes.  I'm at a point where I've improved more than ever and it is hard for me to look back and see how badly I've drawn.

But more than ever, I want to go back to my old roots such as TVA and Rainmaker in terms of story and character.  I missed having heartfelt stories and it was something that is lacking in both SitF and Rainshine.  Yes I shouldn't aim for something so high and I expect many of you to tell me to do it for fun.  But in both SitF and Rainshine, I wasn't having that joy or excitement.

So what does this mean? I will be cleaning out my folders for my stories and comics.  This also includes very VERY old discontinued comics I've done when I first joined.  I'll be doing that later tonight.

I:EW I want to practice more on as my B&W coloring skills aren't exactly the best.  So that comic will either take forever to update or be on an unnannoucned hiatus.

I will begin my two new comics eventually.  I got some free time over the weekend, so perhaps I could start sooner than later.  But for sure, I'll be extremely slow until April is over due to finals.

Thanks for reading and please understand my decision.  I really didn't feel like I was achieving anything within SitF and Rainshine.  I hope to pick them up again in the future.

Commissions Open (FULL)

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 25, 2017, 2:01 AM

Commissions are full! I hope to get more slots open next week!

Click this link here for more information regarding my commissions: Commission Rules and Prices

These are Paypal commissions ONLY. Feel free to send in a note or comment. Thank you!


1.) :iconstrawberry-eggs:

2.) Model AAA (twitter)

3.) :icongraycomputer:

Proposal Sketched!!! + Splatoon Chapters

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 22, 2017, 3:20 AM

As the title states, PROPOSAL IS FULLY SKETCHED!!! Yes it is complete! I won't reveal the page count or set count, but all I have to do is ink and color it! Then after that, I can focus on SitF and Rainshine! Terribly sorry for not getting anything up for this week, super busy and wiped out.  I hope to finish Proposal by the end of next month.

Another thing is I finalized my Splatoon chapters! There will be six of them in fact, including the ones I've finished and worked on.  Three of them will focus on the first Splatoon game, and the other three will focus on my next gen universe! So far Rainmaker and Rainshine are the first two of the first universe.  The third and final chapter... well, we gotta see later!

Just something I wanted to say at this time of day.  N-ways I should really snooze.  Night peps and thanks for reading!

 Patreon l Main Art Blog l Splatoon Art Blog l Twitter l Picarto

Alrightie peps, as requested by many of you, I will be providing an in-depth guide in what you will be rewarded for contributing to my Patreon, specifically the first (Fan) and third tier (Romancer) as the second tier is mainly distribution of PSD files. Please bear in mind that there are many other rewards, but this is simply just some advertisements on my blogs! Both blogs are updated on the weekend, meaning I'll be pumping out four to six submissions per week.

Tier 1 - Fan Blog: 

WIPBlog by SaccharoKirby

This blog is a Patreon-only blog where you can see WIPs, comic sketches, and many other hidden secrets I don't reveal online! And along with access to this, you will also get to chat with me on a Discord hub! For those who aren't aware of what Discord is, it is essentially a chatting hub to that of Skype, but MUCH better and safer, especially as it protects all of our IPs! And it's a lot easier to communicate with me for any questions as I frequent online a lot (mainly at nights).

(Also apologies, but I had to censor out some names for privacy reasons!)

Discord by SaccharoKirby


Now that that's over with, moving on to the next blog! Please be warned there are mature themes, but I censored them and there is nothing explicit about them, but you are more than welcome to leave or skip over it (if ya want...). If you still are here and wish to see more.... then see away peps!

Tier 3- Romancer Blog:

RomancerBlog1 by SaccharoKirby

So... where should I start? This is essentially my "mature" blog yet think of it as more experimental from me.  I've been curious as to how to draw pinups, get that lusty looks, and just really try something I've never done before.  I'm more of a yolo and carefree pep, as I try not to stick with the same pairing.  For example we can get Roy with Lucina, or have Roy with Marth.  I also move around with different ships, so I'll be doing straight, gay, lesbians, etc.

One thing I REALLY avoid is drawing explicit nudes with established characters like Pit or Samus.  Revealing attire is alright for me, but I don't believe I'm in any position to show their private body parts.  You will NOT see any nudes from official characters.  However for my OCs only, you will expect more skin showing off.

Oh and I do comics as well! Right now I am in the process of drawing Marriage, which is essentially the aftermath of Proposal! (Click for a better view!)

M2 by SaccharoKirby

Of course, these two can't "mate", but it's more of foreplaying in this comic, heh.

M5 by SaccharoKirby

And if you're wondering where to find more of my innuendos...

Sleep1 by SaccharoKirby

Sleep2 by SaccharoKirby

...And only for this month, since it's April and the month of bun buns...

BunnyAsh by SaccharoKirby

...Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh everyone for April will be drawn with bun bun costumes

N-ways I hope that cleared some things up and answered questions! This blog is very, VERY private to me, which is why it's at $20 over at my Patreon.  But don't worry, there's an exclusive chat channel in my Patreon-only hub to discuss my Romancer things AND Romancer Patrons can go for a colored sketch raffle!

If you are interested, please consider donating to my Patreon here!

As a side note, I'm terribly sorry for not being around as much.  April is the last month of my school, so I'll be even busier, but I will do my best to get comics, commissions, and arts out.  Thank you!

Commission Rules and Prices

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 11, 2017, 11:45 AM

Rules and Notes

  • Please contact me through notes.  I will also provide a Discord server for the both of us to talk depending on how long and complex the details are.
  • All commissions MUST be SFW (aside from innuendos).
  • I WILL NOT do NSFW, fetish, gore, religion, or anything offensive.
  • Include details and characteristics of the characters if needed, especially OCs.
  • Do not ask me to draw on stream or have a deadline for me.  I have a life, college to attend to, and I want to spend as much time as possible on my commissions to give you the best of the best from me.
  • If commissioning any one of my characters, you are bound to get some form of discount.
  • PayPal commissions ONLY.  No points.


Visit at Morning Glory by SaccharoKirby Pit by SaccharoKirby Tetra Sketch by SaccharoKirby

  • $10 - $20
  • Digital sketch commissions, comes with one character
  • Will have additional costs for more characters, details, etc.
  • Price can be negotiated for easier characters.

Cel-Shaded Artworks

Commish: A Sunny Day by SaccharoKirby KI 30th Anniversary - Day 30 - Scorched Feathers by SaccharoKirby Primarina by SaccharoKirby

  • $50 - $70
  • + $10 - $35 depending on additional details such as weapons, extra characters, etc.
  • Cel-shaded commissions are the highest quality commissions you receive from me, with one character and a background of your choice.
  • Price depends on the difficulty and complexity of the characters and backgrounds
  • Can be negotiated for easier characters.

Comic Pages and Strips

Proposal - Pages 1-2 by SaccharoKirby  Icarus: Empyrean Wings - Page Demo 4 + News by SaccharoKirby Smashing Puns by SaccharoKirby

  • $80 - $100 for one comic page/strip
  • Will have additional payments depending on number of panels, complexity, etc.
  • Prices can be negotiated for easier characters.

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End of Winter Updates

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 16, 2017, 9:10 PM
...Not sure if you guys are getting tired of me posting such updates, heh.  If you are, OH WELP.

N-ways, Monday was the final resting day for me before I go back into this hell of a week of midterms, oh boi.  I'll definitely be slow on my uploads and art, but thankfully, next week is my spring break and I can relax all I want.  But for the time being, wish me luck!

Commissions and Patreon

Commissions... have been rather slow.  I haven't really got a commission request in a while and honestly, I'm kinda in a pinch for money.  I'll be sure to update my commission journal again as a reminder as well.

I've been really trying to advertise my Patreon, especially my Romancer Blog.  Currently there's a new comic called "Marriage" that's a... "mating" session between Octa and Ash in case anyone's interested.  Preview can be found here if ya want! Though Ash will bottom


Don't take me on my word when I say this comic and that comic are gonna be updated soon because... I haven't been making my word, heh.  Honestly the only comic I'm truly entitled to finish is Proposal because it focuses on Octa's character development A LOT as she is challenged by society and culture of the Inklings.  Even though it's more of a side story, I'd really like to get this comic done before anything else.

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2017 and Updates!

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 2, 2017, 3:47 AM
Happy holidays and belated New Years, peps! With the new year here, updates and announcements are coming up! Unfortunately most of them aren't really "happy" and to sum it up, just unmotivated to continue art and comics.


I'm not so active due to college and even during my winter break, I took majority of the time to relax and focus on my own things.  Now as I'm typing this, I have a week to N-joy it before I head back for Spring semester.  Trust me I am SUPER exhausted after finals, ugh.  I've been very inactive and sluggish with taking care of my own artworks, it just weighed me down to do something else like play games.  I'm terribly sorry for my inactivity here.

Unfortunately it's gonna be like this way 'til my next break.  My own life and school work is my top priority compared to my work here.


The big news since I clearly haven't been updating any of my comics for months.  Two factors as to why: I stated before that I wasn't too confident and satisfied with how my characters develop and grew.  Without it, I didn't really have the motivation to continue and I ended up rewriting the stories.

The other factor, which I've never mentioned, is that well, it seems like either I'm losing attention or peps are disappearing.  There's fewer and fewer people faving and especially commenting on my stuff compared to the past.  Everyone has a life and I totally understand that.  But in a way, it's starting to discourage me and losing motivation at the same time that I wasn't getting as much attention and such as before.  Peps are moving and leaving and I don't blame 'em.

All these combined ended up changing my plans and such.  As a result, I'm putting SitF and Rainshine on haitus until I get my things wrapped around and plots revised to better suit my tastes.  I'm terribly sorry for not being active and putting these comics on hold.

Which means the only comic left to work on is my Pokemon comic, Absolution.  As much as I want to work on it, I want to reach $100 milestone on Patreon in order to ensure I'm paying off my monthly payment to my college.  As a result, either I gotta achieve that goal or actually finish rewriting the plots for my current comics on hiatus.

Absolution is already done in terms of plot, just waiting 'til the milestone is reached.

Patreon and Commissions

To my Patrons regarding the exclusive blogs, I won't be charging you for January due to my inactivity back in December.  However, if you are new, then you must be charged for January in order to access the blogs.

After my Christmas Sale, it definitely boosted my money for college and such.  But I'm seriously relying on my Patreon a lot more now that January is here and I want to make as many rewards as possible for my Patrons.  The $100 is all I need to ensure my monthly college tuition is paid off and creating more time for me to work on my comics.

I still have commissions from my Christmas Sale to work on and I will get them done by the end of this week.  I'll do another journal post and let you guys know when my commissions are up and available!


I've been very unmotivated and just a bit discouraged really.  I truly want to work on what I do here, but it's been hard to enjoy it and it's not any easier when I come back from school, wanting to do nothing but rest and forced to work on homework.  Yeah, it's been really discouraging for me for quite some time...

Wrapping it up, no comics 'til my current comics have finished being rewritten or my Patreon goal reaches $100.  It sucks yeah, but just remember I'm not a robot behind all of this. I've got a life, personality, and school to pay.  N-ways, thanks for reading and happy belated New Years, peps!

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Special Christmas Commissions!

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 1, 2016, 2:25 AM
:new: One week before this sale ends! Half of the slots are full and it'd be awesome to get the other half filled up, thank you!

Welcome December and this means special commissions! My regular commission prices for digital art have been lowered for you peps, so it's a first come, first serve! Twenty slots will be opened for the first twenty commissions ordered!


$25 per character
$5 - $15 for background

PayPal is required to commission me! You will receive a private note to my PayPal email address after commission details have been finalized! (Or if you already have connections to me on Discord, feel free to message me there!)

If you don't have either one, feel free to shoot a message to me at


- I will ONLY draw characters whom I have experience in drawing or easy for me to draw! Anything hard like robots and such are unacceptable due to time, apologies!
- Someone like Kirby will still be $25, but you'll get a free simple background!
- One character per slot! Please send a private note via dA or message me on Tumblr!
- You can ask for more than one character, but you'll take over the next slot (ex: you order two commissions, #1 and #2 slots will be filled for you).  Price remains to be $25 per character regardless!
- If you would like a background
- Please be sure to show me references, story/personality of your character(s), etc.
- I will not draw anything relating to religion, politics, gore, sex, etc.  Gay and lesbian pairings are acceptable however.
- The sale will end at Christmas Day or when all slots have been taken!

My Artworks

Here are examples of my artworks and I am very flexible in drawing different characters.
Primarina by SaccharoKirby   Icarus: Empyrean Wings - Zagreus by SaccharoKirby  Heated Colors by SaccharoKirby  Kirby Planet Robobot by SaccharoKirby  Light from Above by SaccharoKirby


1.) (anonymous)
2.) :iconstar-road-warrior:
3.) Alandria (tumblr)
4.) :icongraycomputer:
5.) :icongraycomputer:
6.) Abdulla (twitter)
7.) :icongregster101:
8.) :iconflooricecream:
9.) :iconryansignguy:
10.) Irenicus (tumblr)
11.) :iconswedishpope:
12.) :iconswedishpope:
13.) :icongraycomputer:
14.) :icongraycomputer:

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Any Artists going to Sakura Con...?

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 28, 2016, 11:34 PM
Unfortunately I was unable to get into the tables for Sakura Con and boy I had high hopes to get a table, but unfortunately no.  I don't know if any artists who follow me have a table and I'm willing to discuss what I can do as repayment if you do have a table and willing to share!

I wanted to go attend as an artist table for the first time, but I guess my luck was horrendous, heh.  Kinda sucks they had to do a lotto the first time I had to apply, hopefully my luck gets better next time! But yes, please comment/note if you do have a table you're willing to share with me and we can discuss details! Thank you!

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Just my Rant on Monetary Stuff...

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 26, 2016, 11:20 PM
For whatever reasons, I've been getting more and more complaints of my commissions and Patreon rewards being too expensive, holding back exclusive content from my followers, money money yada yada yada.  This has been going on for quite some time and so, let me give my word on that.

Everything ISN'T free.  You think groceries, clothes, entertainment, and all the other necessities cost a penny? You think my art should be free? If you actually want my stuff, go get a job or save up for crying out loud.  I am not going to sell my artwork of less of what it's worth, let alone allow requests.

Now if you can't afford it, that's COMPLETELY fine by me.  But going to me and complaining that my things are too expensive is what pisses me off the most.  There's a clear difference between not affording and complaining about being unable to afford it.

Which is why I stick to my goal of reaching $200 on my Patreon so that I can pay off some monthly college funds.  I don't have a car, I can't have a part time job due to school, and I certainly have college to focus on.  By paying me, I will be motivated to give you rewards and continue my comics and artworks.

Life sucks for me and I'm definitely not the only one feeling that.  But if you're complaining that having to pay me for my things is too much, then you DON'T HAVE TO do so.

All I'm saying is just giving respect to me and every other artists making money of their stuff.  Whatever complaints you're giving, you're typing it to a real life person's screen.  Every artist you see out there, we got bills and especially a life.  We're a HUMAN, like you.  But I suppose complaining to me shows me you don't have the decency for respect and appreciating my artwork.  Shame on you.

Sorry for my rants, but yes, comments like these have been popping up and especially on my notes when peps try to commission me.  It's been REALLY irritable for me...

Thanks for reading peps and please know that I, along with everyone, is a person with a life.  All I'm asking is the respect.

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New Comic Goal + Commissions (three slots open)

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 8, 2016, 12:24 AM

New Comic Goal

So heads up, but seems like my new comic is gonna have to be delayed for who knows how long.  Well, at least 'til my goal on Patreon is reached.

For me to upload the very first set of my new comic series, I must reach $200 on my Patreon.

Reasons being is that there's some college stuff I have to pay off monthly and $200 per month is just exactly what I need.  I can save up and such, but this will definitely help me more! Reaching that will not only interest me in working on my new comic, but focusing more art here and getting new content! We're nearly halfway there to reach the goal! I'm looking into adding new content for all my Patrons! This weekend, I will work towards the new pages of Authenticity and prepping rewards.

You can visit my Patreon site here! I really need your support and every donation counts! I will upload an artwork of my comic, but for the first set to come out, I will need this goal to be reached.  Thanks for reading!


Commissions Rules and Prices!!!

Rules and prices are listed above. Please send a note or comment if interested. I only accept PayPal. Thank you!


1.) :icondynaroo:




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At PAX!!!!

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 8, 2016, 12:10 AM
I'm at PAX again!!! Unfortunately I was unable to wear my kirby shirt, but I'm wearing the same gray bag with "Juicy" on it.

I've brought some extra exclusive prints to hand out to anyone who spots me!

I'll also be at the Runawayguys panel at 6! Hope to see ya there and have fun!

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Patreon Warning + Commissions

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 20, 2016, 5:09 AM
THIS IS IMPORTANT.  I clearly have put everything on a hiatus and that included my Patreon.  Unfortunately, the site charged my Patrons despite me making that action.  I'm seriously sorry about that and I will be sending out messages to my Patrons.  Unfortunately, I am unable to access messages through my phone and still have yet to get net back on my computer.  But if you are reading this and have had your payment processed, let me know NOW!!! I will do my best to get back to you guys and refund your money through PayPal.  I'm truly sorry about all of this happening, but I hope to get back on track to art soon!


Commissions Rules and Prices!!!

Rules and prices are listed above. Please send a note or comment if interested. I only accept PayPal. Thank you!





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Rainshine Cameos

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 1, 2016, 10:22 PM

  • You MUST be a watcher of mine or watch me now in order to have a cameo in Rainshine.
  • One Inkling per pep, so send me two or more and you'll be ignored.  HOWEVER, if you've got multiple examples that follow the "Notes and Exceptions" section, you'll be okay.
  • If you have had a cameo in my previous Splatoon comic, Rainmaker, do not ask to appear in Rainshine.  Let others have a chance please.
  • You must send me a full bodied, colored reference.  Artworks, in-game, pics, just as long as it follows the mentioned requirements.  Along with that, I'll need the name of your Inkling.
  • Comment ONLY on this journal and do not do it in a tiny format because it just makes me waste my time to squint and lean.  Any notes or comments anywhere else but here will be ignored.
  • To make sure you've read the rules, please put "Rose Army" in your comment.  Aside from the humor, you must have it in your comment of your cameo to prove you've read the rules.  If you didn't, your cameo will be ignored.
  • I will not remind you nor comment if you miss even one of the rules.  YOU'RE in charge of getting your Inkling in, so please follow all these rules.

Notes and Exceptions:

  • I am looking more towards "jerk" Inkling who I suppose should hate losing.  If you've got an Inkling that's like that, your cameo will most likely be chosen.
  • Not as searched as the jerk Inkling, but anyone who has an Inkling who's good with food or restaurants, I will consider more than regular cameos.  The place the Inkling will be working at involve boba tea and there will be multiple shifts, so it won't be one cameo character all the time.
  • If you commission me during my Splatoon Sale, you are guaranteed a cameo appearance.  However, if you've already had a cameo in Rainmaker, while you can still commission me, you won't grab the cameo slot.

Reading the rules is the most important thing, so you better follow it or else your cameo will be ignored.  If you have any questions (other than "Did I get in?" or "Did I follow the rules?"), feel free to ask.  Thank you for reading and I look forward to the cameos.

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Just a Serious Talk (or Rant)

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 19, 2016, 10:01 PM
I appreciate all the comments and even notes that were sent to me regarding my plans, so thank you so much peps.  It really means a lot to me and I promise to keep you guys posted on what's next.

As you may know, I'm a Korean girl (SOUTH KOREAN, no North Korean jokes yo).  Pretty much, girls in my culture are supposed to stay in home and move out if they get married.  Hell no.  Thankfully it's been an old culture and sure as hell that no Korean girls are doing it.

But if I must be frank, it appeared to me that not just Koreans, but many others are refusing to accept changes from others and even within themselves.  Take me for instance, since I'm apparently the weirdo for approving and drawing gay/lesbian stuff, NSFW stuff, etc.  Unfortunately my folks chose not to accept it and went as far as to ban my online interactions and art.

At first, it appeared they were just being overprotective, but the more I think on it, the more I realized they were attempting to change the being I am.  That's the biggest insult of them all.  They didn't have the decency to ignore or respect what I was drawing and controlling my art freedom.

They are the best parents I could ever ask for, but the fact they don't accept for what I do and my opinions hurts the most.  Was I doing anything illegal? Was I responsible for a murder or something?

It's the fact they're taking away what I draw and who I am that's driving me to go live on my own.  Society sucks a lot and it's a shame that peps are forcing what they believe is right onto other peps.  And worst of all, my family.

Life sucks right now for me, but in a way, it'll get better when I leave.  No one likes it when they're being controlled by someone just because of beliefs and opinions.  What a crappy world.

Apologies for this serious talk.  I'm just depressed by how everyone is being.  Again, I'll keep you guys posted and I'm definitely gonna need financial help with Patreon and commissions. There'll be more info coming in when this nightmare's all over.  Thanks for reading, peps.

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Late June Update + Splatoon Cameos

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 25, 2016, 1:08 AM

Late June Update

So my family decided to "surprise" us with a camping trip starting next week... which they told me just recently.  Thankfully, it's a two day trip, but either way, definitely screws some stuff.  For one, I wanted to draw just a bit more to get used to my new style, but now with that upcoming event, I don't want to keep commissions waiting.  So unless you guys are willing to take part in my Splatoon Sale and completely fine with me being gone for two days, just let me know.  The sale will probably end sometime around my birthday.

But it also means my schedule for Patreon will be screwed up as well.  I'm going to make an announcement for my Patreons regarding me being gone during my camping trip, but you WILL get your rewards once I come back (aside from commissions since it'll take some time).

Other than that, it'll be just me drawing per the usual.

Splatoon Cameos

I've said in the past that I've decided not to add cameos to my Splatoon comic, but now that it's mostly written, it does feel quite lonely without anyone in the background, heh.  So I WILL be doing a separate, new journal regarding Splatoon cameos, but right now, they are NOT open.

This time, I'll be accepting any Inkling OCs, but if possible, any "mean" or "jerk" characters I'd like to see.  They'll just be throwing out insults and such, but I don't like to make random meanies I've made up in the story, heh.  Basically, if you give me a baddie, you'll have a higher chance of receiving a cameo appearance.

And to those who decide to commission me the Splatoon Sale right now, you'll have a guaranteed cameo appearance in Rainshine (just ONE character per pep though!).  If you've already had a cameo appearance in Rainmaker, you're not allowed to apply for a cameo in Rainshine.  Give other peps a chance, please.

I'll be sure to post more about the Splatoon Cameos after next week.  Thanks for reading, peps!

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First Patreon Milestone Reached + Rainshine

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 22, 2016, 1:39 AM

First Patreon Milestone Reached

The first Patreon milestone has been reached, peps! You know what that means; my next Splatoon comic, Rainshine, is about to be developed and running!

There are some plot devices I'll need to fix beforehand, but other than that, it's time to start! Rainshine is not a sequel to Rainmaker nor does it star Blue and Orange (they will make cameo appearances though).  It is also not a romantic comic story! Instead, it focuses heavily on teams (thus the reason why I had to make so many OCs, bleh...).  If you donate to any tier on my Patreon, you will know who are the two main stars of my comic! Other than that, Rainshine will indeed start!

My next Patreon milestone, which is a $500 milestone, will allow me to buy a 3DS capture card and stream 3DS games! Thank you all so much to my Patrons for your support!

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Urgent Summer Update

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 27, 2016, 9:09 PM
Completely slipped my mind to announce this here, but here goes:

I'll be getting my wisdom teeth extracted on Friday and after that, there's no questioning that I'll be resting.  As a result, until I heal, you may not see me as much.  I'll most likely snooze around, eating soft foods, playing games, drawing, etc.  Commissions will be worked on over the weekend while I heal! I mean I do have some artworks laying around I could submit during my rest, but it also means I won't be able to stream.  I guess I could, but without my voice, heh.

When this journal is updated, I'll be streaming in a bit.  But yeah, just to let you guys know what's up ahead!

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